Advocating For Investigation Does Not Assume a Side

All It Assumes Is 'We Don't Know and We Want To Know'

How does a free society deal with information or scientific results that conflict? It does just that – it deals with it.

A free society investigates conflicting information rather than ignores it. It remains honest and open to the scientific process rather than be dishonest and shut down the investigation.

We can’t know until we know. We have to do the investigation. And to do the investigation we must be open to all information.

And sometimes ‘all information’ includes information that we may not want to be open to.

The investigation may include information that goes against our current world view. It may include information that the mainstream news has deemed ‘misinformation’. It may include information that looks like this: results that report success against the virus using early treatments and medicines, results that report antibodies due to natural immunity work as well as or better than the vaccine, reports that pharmaceutical companies have conflicts of interest which put profit over people, results that report the MRNA COVID vaccine may not act as originally thought - the vaccine spike proteins may escape into the blood stream.

We can’t know until we know – and to know we must investigate.

To dismiss information as ‘misinformation’ or ‘a conspiracy theory’ just because it happens to conflict with information we believe or the mainstream media reports is dishonest.

If we are honest and committed to the scientific process of investigation we will not suppress information – certainly not any information which seems to conflict with our own.

Scientifically minded people move toward conflicting information not away from it. They remain open and curious. They want to know the truth. They are committed to getting to the bottom of things.    

Advocating for investigation does not assume a side. But it does assume that the answer is not yet clear and an investigation is warranted. Advocates for investigation don’t know the outcome but they want to know regardless of what that outcome may be.

If people who call for investigation are shut down, banned from social media or pushed out of their jobs – well, within a free society this should raise everyone’s antennas.

High up in the air.

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