What Lens We Look Through Is Key to What We See

Is Our Lens Universal or Personal?

How can we know whether the actions of our society are leading us into a more conscious, caring, free society or one that is more unconscious, calculating and controlling?

To know which direction we’re collectively moving, we need to have an understanding of the foundational principles that underlie a conscious, caring, free society.

Foundational principles are universal and constant – the ‘true north’ which allows us the ability to determine our direction. It’s our understanding of the unmoving principles that enables us to navigate as well as to course correct when necessary within all that is changing.

If we’re unclear that freedom is a foundational principle of a free society then in times of stress and fear we’ll default to safety, comfort and control. What is constant will seem fleeting and what is fleeting will seem constant. Freedom recedes to the background and fear and control become prominent.  

When fear takes over it clouds our vision and our understanding of freedom goes out the window. We can then easily fool ourself into believing that control is freedom and that force is love and care. This misunderstanding and inability to remain clear when we’re afraid or stressed causes us to forget what we know to be true.

Clarifying our understanding of freedom is key. When our understanding of freedom is stable we’re able to hold to truth even when fear within us and fear all around us is screaming for us to do otherwise. Experiencing fear is different than fear taking us over and clouding our vision.    

Clarifying our understanding of freedom is a huge challenge which holds immense opportunity. And it’s certainly not a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing process refining itself as we come up against different challenges all along the way. We help each other in this process – exposing inconsistencies or untruths – keeping each other honest, which deepens and expands our understanding. If we are open, that is.

Clarity about foundational principles then becomes a kind of tool -  a lens in which we can look through to determine whether our society’s actions are aligned with those principles or not.

Looking through ‘the freedom lens’ brings an honesty and consistency into how we are looking at the actions our society is taking. This eliminates personal bias such as what political party initiates the actions, our individual belief systems etc. and it also eliminates emotional responses due to fear. ‘The universal principal lens’ anchors our way of looking into the universal rather than personal.

We move from viewing societies actions through a personal, biased lens to a universal, impartial lens.   

The ‘universal principal lens’ is a tool which makes how we are looking consistent with those very principles. And when how we are looking is consistent with universal principles we’re able to distinguish between those actions that are aligned with those principles and those actions that are not.

Solutions to questions like - how would a caring, free society communicate information during a crisis, what steps would it take and how would it treat people all along the way become much clearer as we look through this ‘universal lens’.  

With this reliable lens, we’re then much quicker to spot when our society’s actions are not in alignment with what is in the best interest of humanity.

Currently, due to a virus our world is facing a pandemic and each society is taking actions to deal with this crisis. Are the actions of our society aligned with universal principles – or are they in the direction of fear, division and control?

As we look through the ‘universal principle lens’ and then consider the following actions we can become clear about that direction:

Would a caring, free society suppress information about approved immune boosting supplements and ban people from social media when they attempt to share how vitamin C, D and zinc help keep our immune system strong?

Would a conscious, caring society refuse to investigate whether medicines or treatments already in use reduce infection and/or symptoms when infected with the virus? Would it discredit and try to silence those who report successful results using those treatments and then prohibit doctors from using them even with dying patients?

Would a conscious, caring, free society refuse to investigate the benefits of natural immunity against the virus? Would it discredit and try to silence those who advocate for that investigation?

Would a conscious, free society reward pharmaceutical companies which have long histories of corruption and cover up with lucrative contracts to mass produce a vaccine without requiring full transparency of vaccine ingredients as well as all conflict of interests?

What distinguishes a society that truly cares about people from one that doesn’t is not its words but its deeds.

If we say we want a conscious, caring, free society – then that end will inform our means.

Our actions here and now will not be in opposition to wisdom, love and freedom.

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